Why the Beach Bowl Template is Diamond-Shaped

When you think of a bowling game, you likely picture an alley with ten pins arranged in a triangle shape at the end of the lane. But the Beach Bowl game is a little different. It's played on the beach, and instead of pins, players aim for a series of holes in a diamond-shaped template. But why did we choose a diamond shape for the template? The answer might surprise you.

The Early Days

The very first Beach Bowl game was not the traditional bowling game played in an alley. In fact, it started out as Beach Skeeball, named for its similarity to the arcade game in which you roll a ball up a ramp into holes. The game was simple and fun, and players of all ages enjoyed trying to land their balls in the various holes.

The Evolution of Beach Bowl

Next came Sinkhole. Sinkhole featured nine holes with the center hole considered the sinkhole that reduces your score instead of increasing it. This game was another hit, and players loved the challenge of avoiding the sinkhole and aiming for the high-scoring holes instead.

But we wanted to take things even further. We wanted to create a game that was both fun and challenging, and that would stand out from other beach games on the market.

The Challenge of the Template

The first challenge we faced was designing the template for the game. At first, we tried using a square template, but quickly realized that this wouldn't work. We needed a more distinct shape that would stand out on the beach and be easy to aim for.

We considered using a bowling target as the template, but this would have required tilting the template to get a pyramid shape. This was impractical and would have made the game more difficult to play.

The Diamond-Shaped Template

Finally, we had a breakthrough! We decided to change the hole pattern to a diamond shape. This would allow for a larger target area and make the game more accessible to players of all skill levels. The template size was also changed from a square to a rectangle to emulate a Cornhole board, which was a popular game at the time.

And just like that, the diamond-shaped template was born. It was a eureka moment for us, and we knew we had something special on our hands!

The Benefits of the Diamond-Shaped Template

The diamond shape of the Beach Bowl template has several benefits. First and foremost, it's a unique shape that sets the game apart from other beach games on the market. It's instantly recognizable, and players know exactly what they're getting into when they see it.

Secondly, the diamond shape allows for a larger target area, making the game more accessible to players of all skill levels. It's easier to aim for the holes in the diamond than it would be to aim for a smaller, pyramid-shaped target.

Finally, the diamond shape is just plain fun. There's something about the shape that makes the game more exciting and engaging. Players love the challenge of trying to land their balls in the various holes, and the diamond shape adds an extra layer of intrigue to the game.

In Conclusion

The diamond-shaped template of the Beach Bowl game was not arrived at easily. It took experimentation, iteration, and a lot of hard work to get it just right. But in the end, the we knew we had something special on our hands.

The diamond shape of the template is unique, accessible, and fun. It sets the game apart from other beach games.

In the end, the diamond-shaped template is just one of the many elements that make Beach Bowl such a fun and unique game. It's a game that's evolved over time, starting with Beach Skeeball and Sinkhole and ultimately becoming the game we know and love today.

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