The best beach game of 2023 isn’t a single game at all!

Beach Bowl, created on Oak Island, NC, provides beach-goers with the tools to play an infinite number of games using just 8 colorful balls and two game boards. The heavy-duty game boards feature 9 holes arranged in a diamond shape. A unique tool called a "Scupper" is used to slice perfectly sculpted sand cylinders, similar to a golf hole, in the game board. What's great about Beach Bowl is that it allows players to use two game boards or just one. Games can be played running parallel to the shoreline or perpendicular to it.

The instructions that come with the game outline five different games to get you started...

Sand Corn Hole:

Played with two game boards running parallel to the beach, teams of two gain points by rollingballs into a single hole in the board. Points can also be scored by landing anywhere on the game board.

Beach Bowl:

Played with one or two boards, either parallel or perpendicular to the shoreline, individuals or teams score points by rolling balls into 6 holes forming an inverted triangle. The holes earn players 1, 2 or 3 points depending on the hole's position on the board.

Beach Skee-Ball:

Played with one board running perpendicular to the shore with the center row of holes and the top hole used for scoring. Land the ball on the game board to get one point, in the center row holes for 2 points and the top hole for 3 points.


Played with one or two boards, either parallel or perpendicular to the shoreline, with all nine holes used for scoring. The catch to this game is that the center hole is the sinkhole and landing in it loses the roller 3 points!

Bocce Ball

The classic backyard and beach game. But that's not all! The possibilities are endless with Beach Bowl. You can add sand ramps or bumpers with the sand scooped out by the Scupper to change the game.

You can change the number or position of the holes in the game board and invent your own game.

You can dig the holes deeper to allow more balls to fit in a single hole, change the distance players roll from, or fill in the holes with sand once a ball occupies it. Since the game was manufactured, beach-goers have suggested games like Beach Pong, Deep 6, Ramped Up, and Beach Baseball. You can even use the game board to practice your putting with golf clubs and balls or use the Scupper for sand art! So order your Beach Bowl set today and post your unique game on social media. We can't wait to see your next great beach game!